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Workshops and Events

Workshops – opportunities to examine specific critical conditions through multiple lenses

In pursuance of new thinking on better outcomes for critically ill patients, ECCF brings together the different stakeholders who share an interest in those outcomes, and invites experts from relevant disciplines to bring their perspectives to the issues at hand. The aim of these meetings is to move the debate forward, by developing recommendations in partnership with key stakeholders, which if implemented, would lead to improved outcomes for patients.

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Events – joining forces with partners and stakeholders to act as a catalyst for change

Health policy at EU level currently focuses the majority of its efforts on prevention, active and healthy ageing and chronic conditions. EU health policy also leaves responsibility for the organisation of healthcare largely to each member state. Consequently, relatively less attention is given to critical illness at EU level.

In order that ECCF’s activities lead to improvements in the delivery of care to critically ill patients, ECCF aims to bring about change through advocacy events and activities at EU level. In collaboration with partners with networks at national level, ECCF works towards ensuring that best practices are shared and adopted in order to overcome the various factors leading to unequal and inequitable outcomes for the critically ill.

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